More than 25 years manufacturing quality footwear MADE IN SPAIN

More than 25 years manufacturing quality footwear

fabrica de calzado Sandra Stylo

Tradition & Innovation

Sandra Stylo is a footwear factory located in Elche, a town in the province of Alicante, one of Spain’s most renowned footwear capitals. In fact, this area is the most productive and exporting in the country, with 40% of the total. Companies manufacturing leatherware, leather, lasts, trimmings, among many other activities, make up a business fabric that combines tradition and innovation.

Sandra Stylo dates back to the 80s, when Mr. Manuel Morales Viudes launched a small production line of women’s footwear, which was very successful. It initially served warehouses and stores nationwide, but over the years the factory expanded its markets. Currently our footwear is present in many countries such as: France, Germany, USA, Hong Kong and Australia, among many others.

This evolution has led to what we are today, a modern factory equipped with the best machinery, such as the “Comelz” automatic laser cutter, that preserves the know-how and essence of its early days thanks to the highly qualified staff intervening in our production processes and greatly experienced in the footwear industry.

Quality Control

Undoubtedly shoes are one of the most important women’s accessories. Today’s woman is not content with merely nice designer footwear, she also looks for quality and comfort, all in the same product. At Sandra Stylo we stand for high quality raw materials and ecological, flexible and resistant materials, to which we demand compliance with all European environmental regulations so as to be able to produce cutting-edge shoes in fashion and performance with them.

Our quality commitment starts with the design of our footwear, with an avant-garde design department in our facilities with designers with academic training and extensive experience in the fashion and footwear industry. A team of professionals who constantly update their knowledge and tastes, and who is up to date with the latest national and international trends.

We must also mention the numerous quality controls that are carried out at the factory throughout the production process, where all the prototypes that leave our facilities are analysed and tested from the moment the raw materials are chosen, during the manufacturing process and right up to final finishing and packaging phase.

Guarantee & Service

More than 25 years in the footwear industry endorse the trajectory of Sandra Stylo, who guarantees that the entire manufacturing process of its products is carried out in Spain.


More than 40 workers distributed in departments such as Administration, Customer Service, Design, Cutting, Sewing, Mechanical and Packaging. A multi-disciplinary team that is our main credential and represents the best token of quality. Our team is the soul of our footwear factory because without their effort, dedication and experience, it would be impossible to make footwear that is high in both quality and performance.

Satisfaction of our Clients

We have modern facilities with a surface area of over 1000 m2, divided into three buildings. These figures and, above all, the commitment of every single staff member to their work, ensure speed, a good final result, a quality product and what is more important, our customers’ full satisfaction.

Made-to-Measure Manufacturing

Even though we have our own footwear lines, our main activity is manufacturing for other firms or international brands. During our long history we can be proud to have produced quality footwear for the most prestigious national and international brands.

We specialise in the development of custom prototypes. If a client provides us with a design, we will take care of the complete realization of the corresponding prototype, from manufacturing patterns to searching for trimmings or ornaments, choosing furs, heels and everything necessary to make the product. We can also make special models, such as series of women’s footwear in large sizes or with special widths.

Our design department continuously works in new collections, always combining differentiating, commercial and attractive design elements, which allows us to adapt to all the needs that any client may have.